Pepper Day is this Friday, September 8.

Thanks VERY much to everyone who donated during our National Farmers Week fund drive!  With the support of generous donors who offered a match, we raised $1759.  We really appreciate your support.

This Friday is Pepper Day!  While the selection isn’t quite as extensive as our tomato tasting, it’s a great way to taste lots of sweet and hot peppers. Don’t worry, we’ll label the hot ones!  We’ll have water, but if you plan to eat lots of hot ones, bring your own milk or cheese.  Dairy quenches the heat, water can just spread it around.

Apple day is coming up.  Enter the Traditional Apple pie contest and win $100.  It’s all about the apples and the crust.  You can add spices, but nothing fancy here.  We’ll also have our annual cider fundraiser.  Here’s your chance to support the market and enjoy delicious cider.