IFM opens May 5th!

The Independence Farmers Market opens May 5th with the annual Mother’s Day Craft Fair and Grand Opening. The market will be back on Courthouse Street and the Gate Center parking lot with extra vendors on the lawn of the 1908 Courthouse.

The Town is making steady progress on Town Park. The drainage system has been reengineered for a considerable cost saving and an attractive fence will soon replace the orange caution fence. It is unlikely the Market will move in 2023 but things look great for 2024. Customers and vendors are used to the set up in our current temporary location and we all plan to have a good time regardless of where we are located! Thanks to the 1908 Courthouse for allowing us to use the lawn and to all the businesses on Courthouse Street and the Town for allowing us to close the street again this year. The Market has a full slate of activities planned for this year and we have some new vendors planning to join us along with most of our regulars.

For more information about the Independece Farmers Market, contact Michelle Pridgen at [email protected] or 276-768-0597