Food Assistance Programs at the Market

The Independence Farmers Market year round On-line and regular Friday Farmers Markets accept SNAP/EBT.  IFM is also a member of the Virginia Fresh Match Nutrition Incentive Network.  Virginia Fresh Match allows us to offer a match up to $30 of SNAP purchases to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, you use $20 of your SNAP dollars to get tokens to use with any eligible vendor at the Market, you’ll also receive $20 of  bright red match tokens to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you spend $30 of SNAP, you’ll get $30 extra tokens for fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you spend $50 of SNAP, we give $30 of match tokens.  Registered vendors can also accept Senior and WIC Farmers Market coupons.  These coupons are distributed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture to qualified Seniors and Mother’s enrolled in the WIC program.  WIC is distributed by the Health Department.

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