Kids Bucks

IFM started our Kids Bucks program during the pandemic to replace our Kids Corner.  We followed the same rules as the Healthy Kids Bucks distributed by the Virginia Family Nutrition Program (VFNP) to avoid confusion about what kids could purchase with their bucks.

After discussions with our board and vendors, we decided to make IFM Kids Bucks unrestricted.  Our bucks are not tied to a grant that dictates what they can used to purchase.  Most USDA or VDACS programs promote fresh fruits and vegetables.  Since we are funding our bucks, we decided the program should benefit ALL the vendors at the Market. That means our bucks can be used to buy ANYTHING at the Market. Okay, one exception-no wine!

On the days that Andrea with VFNP is at the Market, kids will need to follow the rules for her program. Healthy Kids Bucks can purchase ONLY fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs.  IFM does not give out our kids bucks on those days.   Andrea will join us July 15, August 5 and August 26.