Farm Day Schedule

The end of May is almost here and it’s time for Farm Day THIS Sunday May 26th from 2- 5 pm at Wagon Wheel Farm, 1322 Gold Hill Rd, Independence VA.

Learn to make a worm bin and prepare logs for mushrooms. Tour the greenhouse, high tunnel and field. Enjoy the plant sale and Free kids activities. We’ll repeat the demonstrations 3 times.  Worms and Vegetables will start on the hour: 2,3 and 4pm. Mushrooms and growing great transplants will start at 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30. The plant sale and Kids activities will continue the entire time.  Down in the garden we’ll start with general bed preparation using the broad fork, rake, and various  hoes.  Then we’ll briefly touch on irrigation because if you want to use plastic or ground cloth to control weeds and or provide extra warmth for crops, you need irrigation underneath.  Rick will show how to burn holes in ground cloth and tools for easy planting.  Next is row covers for bug control this time of year and season extension in early spring and fall.  Then we’ll move onto tomatoes: how to prune and trellis.  Rain date is Sunday June 2, same time and place.

Look for the red FARM DAY signs.  See you Sunday!