Vendor cheat sheet

Here’s the full list of our regular and occasional vendors with a description of what they usually sell.  I hope it’s helpful!

Regular Vendors:

Regular Vendors
Name Business  Name Products
Anita&Tom Simpson Mt House Farm Produce, Plants, Canned Goods, Gourd Crafts
Annette Mcadams Annette’s Pound Cakes Pound Cakes, Eggs, Crafts
Bob Bundy Big Dog Coffee Coffee
Charles Akers Hillcrest Mushrooms Mushrooms
Christine&Mike McConnell His Heritatge Homestead Pork, Chicken, Eggs, Baked Goods
Colleen& Jeff Hammack 2 goose studio Fused Glass Art
Don & Jan Komjian Don’s woodcrafts Wood crafts
Donna Cole Bird&Hopper Farm Canned and Baked goods, Produce, Crafts, Hot Coffee
Gloria&Patrick Rust Pine Bark Farm Plants, Produce, Freeze dried treats
Helen Beamer Eona Farm Beef, Produce
Hope McAdams Bead crafts and stickers
Jane&Charlie Smith Mineola Farm Produce,Plants, Canned goods, Flowers
Jerry&Rose Sheets Rose’s Kettle Corn Kettle Corn
Jesse Worrell The Watered Garden Plants, Produce,Flowers,Baked Goods,Crafts
John Alexander Alexanders Brooms Brooms
Jonathan Hamman Sugar Maple Springs Goat Cheese
Jordan & Bejamin Shaw Part From Me Farm Produce,Baked and Canned goods, Pork, Chicken, Crafts
Kathy Cole Grayson LandCare T-shirts, Plants
Kyle Kuditsky HoneyBird Hill Farm Produce,Crafts
Lauren Spina Candles
Logan& Hope Umberger Rising roots Produce, Plants, Flowers
Melanie Hall Peaceful Heart Farm Beef, Pork, Lamb, Eggs, Canned and Baked Goods
Michelle Pridgen WindHill Farm Produce, Canned Goods, Crafts
Rick&Jen Cavey Wagon Wheel Farm Produce,Plants, Canned goods, Flowers
Robert Felicito Double F Apiary Honey, Crafts
Scott Walworth WoodBine Natives Native Plants
Susan Woods Woods Acre Winery Fruit Wines
Tamara Boggs 3 Ol goats Plants, Produce,Baked and Canned Goods, Crafts
Tina& Mickey Cunningham BearTree Apiary Honey, Baked Goods
TJ Johnson Harvest Moon Produce, Crafts

Occasional Vendors:

Name Business Products
Alecia Nehls Our Farms Artisan
Amanda Moore Paint Shack Artisan
Amy Jennings Blue Ridge Machine Artisan
Ann Wetmore Painted Barn Quilts Artisan
Bobby De Groter Jah Works Produce,CBD
Carley & Jordan Stidham Oak Leaf Pottery Pottery
Daryl Wilson Carolinakudzucrazy Canned goods
Charlotte Faust Artisan
Craig DeBord Produce Produce
Deb Clemons Mt top Fibers Fiber
Emily Papadopoulos Mt Air Farm Lavender
ester-wilmer zook Pop’s veggie Produce
George MacDonald MacDonald’s Farm Bowls
Robin Doty Gypsy Mt Farm Fiber
Herbert Mabe Mabe’s Farm Produce
Jennifer & Adrienne Ley Pendle Alpacas Fiber
Karen Reeves Painted Barn quilts Artisan
Katie Monday VDH information
Kipper Price Grace Haven Farm Flowers
Lisa Shell Kai Mohair Fiber
Nancy Liebrecht The Cowgirl Way Fiber
Patrick O’Neill The Jeweler Jewelry
Shelia Lehman Last Home Farm Produce, herbal products
Sherri Taylor Severts Tree farm Blueberries
Sue Neugent photo and cards Phots & Cards
Tessa Benson WildCrafterd Herbalist Tinctures
Tom Evans Undergrowth Plants
Trina Reynolds Swallowtail florals Flowers
Vikki Caldwell Mountain to sea Artisan