Tomato Festival August 5th

The Tomato Festival is back!  We’ll have a free tomato tasting, a People’s choice salsa contest and the Monster Tomato weigh-in.

This is your chance to taste most of the tomatoes at the Market for free and vote for your favorite.

To enter the salsa contest, bring a quart of salsa to the Market by 10 am. The public tastes all the salsa and votes for their favorite. The contest closes at noon to allow time to tabulate the votes.  Pre-covid tastings featured bowls of salsa, a couple of bowls of chips and everyone scooping and tasting.  This year we’ll be using sample cups- I apologize in advance for the plastic but we couldn’t think of another way to it. Maybe next year….

AND you can also enter the Monster Tomato Weigh-in. Bring your biggest tomato to the Market by 11am. The weigh in happens at high noon. It doesn’t have to be ripe or pretty, just BIG.

We use a certified market scale to ensure accuracy.