WOW! The Frame is up!

60 timber framers from all over the country worked from October 1-10, in sunshine, drizzle and pouring rain, to complete a beautiful white oak frame for the pavilion at Town Park. It will be home for Town events and the Farmers Market, and the cornerstone of the park in the center of Independence.

The Farmers Feeding Framers, a committee of the IFM led by chef Jen Cavey, volunteer coordinator Susan Mitchell and master planner Gesh Morley, fed the framers over 1,800 meals and 2 snacks a day. Numerous individuals and groups pitched in to serve, make snacks, cook, run to the grocery store and to do whatever was needed.

The Town of Independence did a wonderful job pulling the entire project together and the County donated the use of the new Gate Center kitchen and meeting room for cooking and serving the meals. This well equipped facility made feeding this large group of hungry timber framers possible.

The Timber Framers Guild calls these events “Community Builds”. It not only fostered community among the timber framers, it brought together folks from all over Grayson County. Thanks to everyone who helped make this extraordinary idea a reality.