Opening in Town Park May 14!

We are thrilled to be opening in Town Park on Friday May 14th!  It’s been a long winter and we all look forward to being back together. Things will be a little different due to the pandemic.  Even though many of us are vaccinated and our case numbers are declining, we are still under the governor’s executive order which requires that ALL vendors and customers wear a mask and practice social distancing.  I’m sure you are all tired of wearing a mask, I know I am, but please bear with us and let’s celebrate finally being outside and back together-even if we are still 6 feet apart, or they may have just changed it to 3…I’ll keep updating information as I get it.

Hours will be 9am-1pm.  At some point, probably early July, we will need to move to Courthouse Street and the parking area behind the buildings while the Town begins construction of the new pavilion!  So that’s exciting news as well.  Stay tuned and we’ll get a schedule together soon.