Grits and Greens

Cooking demos are one of my favorite things at the Market.  Until we can cook again, I thought you might enjoy one of Jen’s recipes.  There are lots of greens on the Online Market.

You can make grits and greens with just about any green. We’ve used kale, spinach and Oriental greens during our cooking demos at the Market.. Saute the greens in olive oil with a pinch of garlic powder, paprika and we often use “holy shitake seasoning” from Baywood Forest.  Add 1/2 cup water, or substitute chicken broth , cover and cook over medium heat until tender. While the greens are cooking make the grits. Jen prefers white hominy grits because they have been properly treated with an alkali in a process called nixtamalization that makes the nutrients more available.  Use 4 to 5 cups of a mix of  water and milk to 1 cup of grits. All water produces tasty grits too. Stir in the grits to simmering liquid, turn down the heat and stir until thickened. Add some  butter and grated cheese and salt and pepper to taste.