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Hello! This is Gwendolyn Howell, originator of Spinsiration Fibers. I am a 27 year old fiber enthusiast from Floyd, Virginia.

I first became interested in fiber after watching a video where someone spun their dog’s fur into yarn. Before that, I’d never though of where yarn came from aside from a chain craft store or Walmart. At that point, I asked my husband for a drop spindle and spinning fiber for Christmas.

Not long after that, we attended a Renaissance festival where the local spinners’ guild was demonstrating the entire process. Before I left the event, I had purchased by first spindle and spinning fiber. I haven’t been able to put it down since!

What started as a curiosity of where yarn comes from has inspired many to find their love for yarn and fiber arts. It is my hope to continue to spread the joy I’ve found and leave you feeling spinspired to create beauty every day.

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