Cooking with Chef Jen THIS Friday!

Be sure to come out for the last cooking day with Chef Jen this season!  Recipes from the last cooking day are here

We are highlighting squash for Squashtober but she’ll be cooking whatever strikes her fancy at the Market.  We’ll also have our first ever squash tasting at the Market.  Here’s your chance to try all those beautiful squash that our vendors have grown this year.

Squash originated in the new world and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae, a flowering plant family commonly known as gourds or cucurbits and including crops like cucumbers, luffas, melons, gourds, pumpkins, squashes, and watermelons. Squash is commonly divided into two main categories: Summer squash and winter squash. This is actually a harvesting description —in other words, whether the squash is immature or mature. Both summer and winter squash can be of any of the four species. Summer squash is most commonly associated with C. pepo, but winter squash is common among all four species.which are:
C. maxima – hubbard squash, buttercup squash
C. mixta – cushaw squash
C. moschata – butternut squash
C. pepo – most pumpkins, acorn squash,summer squash, zucchini
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