Fermentation Friday and Pepper Day September 13

Carrie’s fermentation demonstration was a big hit last year so she has kindly offered to do it again this year.  Carrie ferments a wide array of vegetables and makes their own apple cider vinegar and other live foods. She’ll bring their favorite resources, have samples for tasting as well as demonstrating and will be selling fermentation kits as well.  Ferments and live foods are key to maintaining a healthy gut and that can be a key to good health in general.

It’s also Pepper day.  Just like our tomato tasting, we slice up all the varieties of peppers at the Market for you to taste.  They’ll be clearly labelled for heat and water will be available. There is an incredible array of peppers in a wide range of tastes and colors.  Here’s your chance to find your favorite.  We also like to offer green and ripe peppers of the same variety so you can taste the difference. If you are wondering, it was a windy day and those hazy grey blobs  are bags of gravel we used for weights!