We’re hiring!

After 6 wonderful years, Abby is moving to Red Rooster Coffee for a full time position.  As a result, we are looking for someone to primarily manage the Online Market but do a few other things as well.  The new position is Assistant Market Manager and all the details are below.

This is a part time position requiring approximately 10 hours per week for a total of up to 520 hours per year with a potential for growth. He/She will primarily responsible for the operations of the Online Market with additional social media responsibilities and occasionally assist with the Outdoor Market. He/she must have a flexible schedule to be able to work irregular hours and be available via phone and email. The Assistant Market Manager is the person that facilitates the farmer’s product postings and customer orders on the year-round online market, arranges delivery and pick-up schedules, advertises the market on social media, and collects and disburses payments.  The candidate must be trustworthy, personable and courteous, have knowledge of agriculture and food production and should be passionate about the community and local agriculture. The successful candidate must be computer literate, own a computer and have access to broadband internet from their home; have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation; adept communication, creative conflict and problem solving, and strong administrative and interpersonal skills. He/she must be able to lift up to 40 pounds. This is a contract position paying $15/hr. The Assistant Market Manager reports to the Independence Farmers Market Manager and Steering Committee.

The duties of the Assistant Farmers Market Manager include but are not limited to:

  • Operating the Online Market (opening/closing the market, approving new accounts, assistance with postings, etc)
  • Arranging for delivery and pick-up of products, handling sales and invoices, disbursing payments to farmers
  • Promoting both the Online and Outdoor markets through online blogs, facebook, and other online social media venues. Experience taking and editing video would be ideal.
  • Assisting with SNAP/Match record keeping and reporting
  • Occasionally assisting with or managing the outdoor Market


Email Applications (resume, cover letter and references) due by Monday, March 21th to: independencefarmersmarket@gmail.com

To clarify the “flexible schedule”

Most of the hours will be on Wednesdays.  Depending on how many hours you are interested in, you could plan to be in the Grayson Landcare office on Wednesdays from approximately 12-6 (those hours would include meeting the vendors when they drop off orders and setting out boxes and assisting customers with pickup).  If you do not need/want as many hours, you could plan to be there from 3:30-6 (or earlier if all customers pick up before 6).  There are also some work from home hours which include the social media work, e-mail reminders, customer assistance, etc.
We are also looking for someone that could occasionally stand in as our Market Manager on Fridays when Michelle, our Market Manager, is not available.