Preseason Vendor meeting-April 8th

Are you interested in joining the Independence Farmers Market? Save the date for the preseason vendor meeting on Friday April 8th from 11-3. It’s a potluck lunch and presentation of rules and schedule. Danny Neel will present on the Senior Farmers Market program, Sandy Stoneman will give an update on food safety. We’ll be meeting in the Gate Center. It’s the extension office at the end of Courthouse Street, the official address is 122 Davis Street. It may be possible to tour the commercial kitchen, a great resource for food vendors who want to go to the next level.

If you plan to use a scale at the Market, please bring it to be certified.

The meeting is a little later than usual, but hopefully we will have a better idea of when we be in Town Park.  We hope to open in Town Park, but construction has it’s own schedule so we may be opening on Courthouse street again.  Stay tuned!