February 5, 2015

Info For Vendors

Dear Independence Farmers Market Vendors,

 We will open in Town Park May 14th!

Market fees will be  the same as 2019, $80 for the season with 8 hours volunteer time or a flat $120 fee, or $15 per day. Masks are no longer required for vaccinated vendors and customers by the Governor’s executive order on May 15.

At some point during the season, we will need to move to Courthouse Street and the parking area behind the building while they build the new pavilion in Town Park.

The Online Market fee continues to be a flat 10% of sales.. This covers the 3% software fee, plus the cost of credit card usage (3.5%), increased staffing, and logistics (supplies, bins).

Here is how to become a part of the online market.  At this point, we are not able to sell products containing CBD due to our credit card processors rules.

Here are the IFM rules-2021 . Please read them and retain a copy for yourself. Each vendor then needs to fill out the Vendor Application Form and return it to the market manager before selling at the market.  Here is a helpful VDACS labelling and regulation chart .If you are a Producer/Processor type vendor, please read over the update to the Virginia Home-Canned Food Exemptions. You can also call or email to the contact information above for copies to be mailed to you. We will have copies available at the market as well. If you plan to use a scale at the Market, it needs to be ANSI approved and inspected by Donna Harless at Weights and measures.  Her contact information is Donna.Harless@vdacs.virginia.gov,  276-228-4127. If you are a new craft vendor, please email 3 representative pictures of your work to independencefarmersmarket@gmail.com.  These will be sent to the jury for approval.


Processor, Prepared Food, and Craft Vendor applicants are required to pre-screen their items.

If you have questions, please contact the Independence Farmers Market Manager at (276)768-0597 and your call will be answered as soon as possible. We are looking forward to this year’s Independence Farmers Market and we thank you for your interest!

Mailing Address:

Independence Farmers Market
Grayson LandCare
PO Box 373
Independence VA 24348

Phone Numbers:

(276)768-0597 (cell)