Veggie Creature Contest Winners!

I had great fun with these contests.  I hope you all enjoyed them as well.  Heidi Breedlove was the clear winner of the People’s Choice Veggie creature contest with 34 votes. Her entry was a zuchinni/sunflower creation resembling a hula dancer. Congratulations Heidi!  Caroline Clough’s tomato/cucumber entry received 11 votes and her watermelon entry received 3.  Tommy Brown’s potato/pepper creature received 4 votes, Connie Bloss’s winter squash piggy got 2 votes and Michelle Pridgen’s tomato/pepper creature received 1 vote.

Thanks for playing with your food and voting too!  The winner of each contest received a $50 gift certificate to the Independence Farmers Market valid until August 2021.  The winner of the Online Market raffle was Lynn Bailey. The October raffle has begun. You are automatically entered into the raffle anytime you spend more than $30 shopping on the IFM Online Market. You can also purchase tickets for $5.  Happy shopping everyone!