Monster Tomato contest entries and winner

The virtual Monster tomato contest attracted a record 9 entries!  We usually only have 3 or 4 people brave enough to give Jen Cavey a run for the money.  As luck and tomato blight would have it, she didn’t  enter this year.

The suspense is over! Our new reigning tomato champion  with 2.16 pounds is Donna Cole! Congratulations Donna!
Daniel Goff 1.87#, Tie Dwight Dunbar and Tommy Brown 1.8#,Rick Taylor 1.71#, Woody Johnson 1.69#, Joseph Fleenor 1.65#, Tom Simpson 1.47#,Lewis Walker 1.44#


The winner of each contest received a $50 gift certificate to the Independence Farmers Market valid until August 2021.  The winner of the Online Market raffle was Lynn Bailey. The October raffle has begun. You are automatically entered into the raffle anytime you spend more than $30 shopping on the IFM Online Market. You can also purchase tickets for $5.  Happy shopping everyone