Seed starting 101

There is increased interest in gardening right now, so here is seed starting 101
LIGHT is the key ingredient. Whether it’s a shop light, a rope of leds, or a bright light bulb. Usually just a sunny window is NOT enough. Keep the light about 1-2 inches above the leaves. My lights are on a chain that is easy to adjust.
Soil- a good quality potting soil is also important. I use a mix specifically for seed starting. These usually drain well so plants don’t get fungal diseases. The container isn’t important as long as it has drainage holes.
Depth-most seeds are planted twice as deep as they are big, Some tiny seeds are barely covered. To be honest for most seeds, I make a small hole with the end of a pen about 1/4 inch deep, sprinkle one or seeds and pinch the soil back together.


Water- water immediately after sowing to settle the seed in the soil and remove air bubbles. Most seeds will germinate in a week to 10 days.
Temperature-temperatures about 65-70 are ideal for most seeds. If you are comfrotable, your seeds will be too. Some, like peppers and eggplants and other warm season crops appreciate a heat mat, but it’s not necessary.