Thank you for another wonderful season

November is when things slow down a little here at the Farmers Market. We have a few weeks until the Winter Markets and I’ve had time to go though all our data and get a clearer picture of the outdoor market season. With more than 20 farmers markets with 50 miles of Independence, we really appreciate that you choose to support our Market. The Independence Farmers Market started in 2008 when a few determined residents decided Independence needed a Farmers Market.  The Market averaged 6-8 vendors until 2011 when Rick and Jen Cavey moved to the area and wanted to sell produce. Rick and Jen began to manage the Market and Rick wrote and received the first Farmers Market Promotion Grant in 2012.  I was hired with that funding and have enjoyed being the Market manager ever since.  The Market has seen a steady increase in vendors, customers and sales over the years and I’d like to thank all of our customers, our family of wonderful vendors, our community partners and our awesome volunteers.  The Market has become a community center and all of us have had a role in that success.  Thanks everyone!

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