Using the Online Market is easy!


Have you thought about ordering On-line and just didn’t know how to get started?  Follow these easy steps!
1) Go to the Online Market.  Here’s the link:, or you can click on “Online Market” tab on the Market homepage.

2) Click the “Sign In” button  to get started. If you’d like to look around first, click the “Market” button.
To create your account so that you can order, you’ll need to enter your name,email address, phone number. The mailing address is optional. Then you’ll create a user name-choose something easy to remember (mine is my first name) and a password. Next time you’ll just need to sign in with your user name and password.Click the “create an account” button and you are ready to shop.

3) Shop. When you’ve found an item you want to order, just add the amount in the box next to “add to cart” and click on the shopping cart icon.  Your cart will appear at the top of the page.  When you are finished shopping,click”proceed to checkout”.

4) Checkout. That’s where you’ll see your order and can change it.  Then click the “place this order button”in the box that says PAY LATER.  You’ll actually pay for your order when you pick it up.

5)Pick up your order. Come to the Grayson LandCare/IFM office at 108 Courthouse Street Wednesday any time between 4-6 pm..  That’s when you’ll pay for your order. Sometimes we’ll have extra items for sale and the shelf is usually stocked with extra canned goods too. We accept cash and checks and you can use gift certificates, Senior Farmers Market coupons and SNAP( supplemental nutrition assistance program)/EBT benefits.   We also offer up to a $25 match to be used to purchase fruits and vegetables when you use SNAP/EBT.

I hope you’ll give it a try. There’s lots of delicious local food and other great items available from your favorite Farmers Market vendors.