Fiber Day and canning with Sandy June 15

1st of ONLY 2 Fiber Days. Don’t miss it!   The Blue Ridge Fiber Guild will hold 2 Fiber Days at the Market this year: June 15 and August 3 during regular Market hours from 9am to 1pm. Local fiber vendors will join the weekly Farmers Market. This is a great opportunity to purchase yarns, roving, raw fiber, baskets, and an array of knit, woven, and felted goods.  Come and meet the artisans who often raise the animals providing fiber for the handmade items in their booths.  Feel free to ask questions about farming with sheep, goats, alpacas, and rabbits, and see demonstrations of how raw fiber is turned into usable products.

Sandy Stoneman joins the Market today and will be testing the gauges on your pressure canning lids and will test the ph on your canned goods to make sure your recipes are safe. So feel free to bring last years pickles, salsas and tomato sauces to be tested.