Meet Tina and Mickey of Bear Tree Farm

The Cunninghams operate Bear Tree Farm, a small apiary in western Grayson County. Tina and Mickey joined the Market in 2013 and have been tireless volunteers. They helped expand the Apple Festival and run one of the presses with their neighbors the Clarks. Mickey taught beekeeping at IFM workshops and brought his bee gear to the Market for Honey Day.  The Cunninghams are frequent participants on the Market float for 4th of July since they are both veterans.

You’ll find honey and baked goods at the Cunningham’s booth at the Farmers Market. No pesticides are used within the bees’ forage area so the honey is pure and natural.  Over 125 different flowering species have been identified that contribute to the complex flavors that make up Bear Tree Farm honey.  Honey is harvested at different times during the year, providing a variety of honey flavors.  Tina’s baked goods are made using whole and natural ingredients.  As Mick likes to say, “everything tastes better with honey”.